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Students and teachers in primary, junior and senior high schools no longer need to wear face masks on campus, according to a notice on mask-wearing guidance released by the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau on Tuesday.

Children at kindergartens are also advised not to wear masks given their small physical features.

However, other faculty including cleaners and staff in the schools’ cafeterias in primary and high schools should still wear face masks, so do teachers and staff members working at kindergartens, according to the notice.

There is no need for faculty and students at universities and vocational schools to wear face masks when good ventilation and at least one-meter social distancing are practiced. However, they should wear masks in closed areas and when having close contact with others.

Service workers at universities and vocational schools should wear face masks.

At the same time, there is no need for residents to wear masks when staying at home.

They can also take off masks when visiting parks and outdoor public areas but should keep a distance of at least one meter from others and carry a mask with them.

When driving cars by themselves, or riding bicycles, residents don’t have to wear masks. However, when taking public transport, people should wear masks.

The notice said that staff working in high-risk areas such as checkpoints, hospitals and laboratories for the COVID-19 test and people showing symptoms such as cough and fever still need to wear masks.

The guidance is applied when a city is declared a low-risk area.

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