As of midday of March 5th, Guangdong had reported 1 new case in Guangzhou, and 22 more patients have recovered and been discharged from the hospital, according to a statement at the 38th press conference on Guangdong's fight against COVID-19 today.

At the press conference, Guangdong authorities call on everyone to continuously take personal protective measures in accordance with official guidelines.

Since the epidemic broke out, lots of volunteers in Guangdong have participated in serving local communities in both urban and rural areas. They have promoted awareness of epidemic prevention methods, offered counselling and consultation and other services for the convenience of the daily life of local people.

The 38th press conference on Guangdong's fight against COVID-19 is held in Guangzhou today. (Photo: Cao Yaqin from Southcn.com)

As of March 4th, there are a total of more than 4,600 volunteer teams in the province with more than 100,000 volunteers on duty, which mainly consist of young people over 18 years old from all walks of life, including housewives, staff waiting to return to work, college students and business owners.

In the meanwhile, Guangdong is working to ensure the safety of volunteers and implementing incentives, providing them with relevant skills and health & safety training, as well as purchasing basic insurance for all registered volunteers. As of now, no registered volunteer in the province has been infected COVID-19.

At the same time, Guangdong authorities is calling on the whole province to donate blood with the drive to ensure Everyone’s well-being.

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