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An array of different face masks and bottled medicinal herbs on a bookshelf caught the attention of many people visiting Fang Suo, an innovative bookstore in Guangzhou's Taikoo Hui on March 21st.

Masks featuring various distinctive designs such as the panda and the city’s landmark buildings on display at Fang Suo. (Photo: Monica Liu)

These stylish and reusable face masks are equipped with filters full of special herbs and are potentially able to help shield wearers from all kinds of viruses. They are the fruition of cooperation between China’s top pharmaceutical manufacturer Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) and well-known fashion company EXCEPTION de MIXMIND.

GPHL’s chairman Li Chuyuan shared more details about the cooperation and the company’s other moves to extend its philosophy ‘Trendy TCM’ at a press conference held by the Information Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government at Fang Suo on the morning of March 21st..

According to Li, the group has been cooperating with companies from different industries to explore innovative approaches for the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the integration of both Chinese medicine and daily necessities.

In terms of clothing, GPHL entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with EXCEPTION de MIXMIND on March 14th, and the two parties will jointly develop healthcare products, masks, clothes and more related to Chinese medicine.

Face masks and bottled medicinal herbs are displayed on a bookshelf at Fang Suo. (Photo: Monica Liu)

As regard to food and drink, GPHL’s subsidiary Wanglaoji has been leading the group in terms of innovative products, all currently being sold at its ‘1828 Wanglaoji’ fresh brewed herbal tea stores across the city. The company believes by adding additional ingredients to herbal tea, it will not only reinforce the efficacy of the tea but also make the tea even more flavourful.

Meanwhile, GPHL is discussing future cooperation plans with Guangzhou Automobile Group to develop car perfumes incorporating Chinese herbs.

In addition, the company is working with Fang Suo to mix medicinal ingredients with home products, such as pillows and decorative items.

Li pointed out that TCM is going to offer more new kinds of healthy lifestyle for people through these kind of crossovers, which will also serve as a new path to accelerated development for TCM.

Author: Monica Liu

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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