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Taking in some of Guangzhou’s most iconic sights, an eight-kilometre long trail entitled 'Yun Dao' (云道, literally meaning 'cloud road') is close to completion and will officially open to the public during this year's May Day holiday.

Running between Baiyun Mountain and Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, the winding route passes through eight city parks and landmarks, including the Guangzhou Garden, Yuntai Garden, Luhu Lake Park, Sculpture Park, Huaguoshan Park, and Yuexiu Park.

If you're looking for a breath of fresh air in some greenery and a chance to better get to know the history of downtown Guangzhou, the Yun Dao has you covered.

(Photo: Fu Chaojun)

What does the Yun Dao look like?

The trail is composed of newly built elevated pathways, newly renovated flyovers and trails with guide signs and lighting added along the whole route. Parts of elevated trail is built with an airy metal frame, giving you the impression you are walking through the air: much like a glass bridge.

On both sides of the trail the scenery blends some of the most historic parts of the city with greenery and flowers galore especially in sections such as the northeast gate of Yuexiu Park, Huaguoshan Park, Tafang Garden, Lujing Road nursery garden and Jufang Garden.

Please note that at present, there are no canopies or benches on the elevated parts of the trail for tourists to take shelter from rain and hot sun or sit for a short rest. These are planned future additions, however.

You can currently find toilets, convenience stores and other supporting facilities inside the parks along the trail.

Since there are also several flights of stairs on some parts of the trail and no disability-friendly facilities at present, wheelchairs and baby buggies cannot yet navigate the route. All these facilities will be added soon.

(Photo: Monica Liu)

How long is each stretch of the Yun Dao?

The eight-kilometre Yun Dao includes:

Yuexiu Park — Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall: 1,700 metres

Yuexiu Park — Luhu Lake Park: 3,400 metres

Luhu Lake Park — Baiyun Mountain: 2,900 metres

Longest span: 16 meters

Biggest height off the ground: 20 meters

General width: 3-5 meters

(Photo: Fu Chaojun)

Where can you enter the Yun Dao?

You can enter the Yun Dao via the following five entrances:

Entrance 1: South Gate, Yuexiu Park (越秀公园南门)

Nearby metro station: Exit C, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station, Line 2

Entrance 2: Northeast Gate, Yuexiu Park (越秀公园东北门)

Nearby metro stations: Exit B1, Yuexiu Park Station, Line 2

Exit A, Xiaobei Station, Line 5

Entrance 3: East Gate, Sculpture Park (雕塑公园东门)

Nearby bus stations: Xiatang Xi Road Station & Tongxin Nan Station (Guangdong University for the Elderly)

Entrance 4: Flyover on Xiatang Xi Road (下塘西天桥)

Nearby bus station: Elderly Cadre University Station

Entrance 5: Jufang Garden (聚芳园)

Nearby bus stations: Luhu Lake Park (Guangzhou Museum of Art) Station & Guangzhou Open University (Luhu Lake Park Campus) 

Rotate your phone horizontally to view the main sights along the Yun Dao.


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Authors: Monica Liu & Zero Ho (intern)

Graphic: Mia Lai

Editors: Nan Hu, Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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