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When it comes to fresh fruits in summer, Guangzhou never fails to impress. And nothing beats fresh fruit that is picked off the tree in season. Red bayberry, litchi, mulberry, blueberry and more are ripe during this period, waiting for you to come and pick them.

Here is a guide showing you where to go to pick your own fruit, enjoy local specialties and have a nice weekend in the leafy suburbs of Guangzhou.

Red bayberry

The Maofeng Tiancheng Farm has been planting red bayberry for over 20 years. This is the place where you can pick plump and succulent red bayberries right from the branch. The season for red bayberry will last until early June. Don’t miss it.

Location: Maofeng Orange Farm, No.1 Shichuan Nanshan, Suifeng Village, Baiyun (白云区穗丰村石船南山1号帽丰甜橙农庄)

Puzhou Garden for red bayberry (蒲州花园杨梅采摘园)

Location: Near the Guangzhou Fok Ying Tung High School (广州市英东中学旁), Nansha

Transportation: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 4, get off at Nansha Passenger Port Station (南沙客运港站), and walk about 1000 meters to get to the garden.


Located in the estuary of the Pearl River, Nansha is home to fertile soil which is perfect for growing litchis. The history of litchi planting in the district dates back about 400 years. The area offers such a wide variety of litchis that are of high quality.

Map for picking litchis

Litchi Park (荔枝园)

Location: Wenbi Mountain, Huangge Town (黄阁镇文笔山), Nansha

Transportation: Take Nansha Bus No. 54, get off at Xinhongji Market Station (新鸿基市场站) and walk about 50 meters.

Liying Villa (荔影山庄)

Location: Near the intersection of Zhudian Road and Tantou Road, Nansha

Transportation: Take Nansha Bus No. 34, get off at Tantou Village Station (坦头村站) ,and walk about 400 meters.

Nansha Litchi Plantation (南沙荔枝生产基地)

Location: Near the Nansha Golf Club, Jingang Dadao Bei, Nansha

Transportation: Take Nansha Bus No. 3, get off at Luwan Village Station (芦湾村站), and then walk 1500 meters.

Mingliyuan Farm (茗荔园农庄)

Location: Jinling Nan Road, Dachong Village, Nansha

Transportation: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 4, get off at Dachong Station (大涌站), and then walk 1800 meters.

Sanxingwei Reservoir Litchi Park (三姓围水库荔枝园)

Location: Sanwei Village, Zhujiang Old Town, Nansha

Transportation: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 4, get off at Nanheng Station (南横站) and then walk about 1000 meters.


Every summer, Nansha will usher in the harvest season of mulberries. Ever since 2015 when mulberries were planted for the first time at the Longzhu New Village in Wanqingsha Town, people have been drawn to the village to pick and taste the yummy fruit every year.

Map for picking mulberries

Chuanxianguo Mulberry Base (创鲜果桑园基地)

Location: Tongan Dongwei Road, Wanqingsha Town, Nansha

Transportation: Take Nansha Bus No. 29, get off at Longzhu New Village (龙珠新村站), and walk for about 100 meters.

Mulberry Garden (桑葚果园)

Location: Near the intersection of Nansha Avenue and N25 Village Road, Nansha

Transportation: Taking Nansha Bus No. 50, get off at Taishicun Station (太石村站) and then walk about 300 meters.


Now is the right time to pick grapes at the Nansha Zhizheng Farm which is home to a dozen varieties of grapes, including Summer Black Grapes, Jufeng Grapes, Shine-Muscat Grapes, and Sweet Sapphire Grapes.

Location: Zhizheng Farm (智正农场), 50 meters to the west of Wanhuanxi Road, Nansha


If you are a fan of blueberries, you really don’t want to miss Conghua’s Lütian Town, home to 16 acres of plantation and a few varieties of blueberries, including Sharpblue and Biloxi.

Location: Blueberry Valley, Lvxin Village, Lvtian Town, Conghua (从化区吕田镇吕新村蓝莓谷)

Transportation: A taxi or ride hailing service is highly recommended.

Authors: Monica Liu & Zero Ho (intern)

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Hannah

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