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Flame trees (凤凰木), also known as delonix regia or literally 'phoenix tree' in Chinese, are in full blossom in the city's parks and roadsides recently. The leaves of flame tree look like the feathers of the mythical phoenix, while its flowers resemble the phoenix's coronet, which is how it got its Chinese name.

Flame trees (Photo: Steven Yuen)

On sunny days, many locals visit flame trees hot spots across the city to take photos of the amazing foliage and blossom or more often than not pose for selfies. The flame trees are only in flower for a short time, until early June, so don't wait around if you want to see them yourself.

The following is a list of Guangzhou's top spots to get some great snaps of the magnificent trees in bloom:

People take photos of the flame tree at Haiyin Bridge. (Photo: Zhang Guanjun)

The most photogenic spot: Haiyin Bridge (海印桥)

The most beautiful green space: Ersha Island (二沙岛)

Flame trees are seen on the roadsides of Baiyun Dadao Nan. (Photo: Wu Weihong)

Avenues: Baiyun Dadao Nan, near Guangzhou Gymnasium (白云大道南,广州体育馆附近) & Xinjiao Zhong Road (新滘中路)

Parks: Baiyun Mountain (白云山), Yuexiu Park (越秀公园), Liuhuahu Park (流花湖公园), Huanghuagang Park (黄花岗公园), Tianhe Park (天河公园), Zhujiang Park (珠江公园), Haizhu Lake Park (海珠湖公园), Guangzhou Zoo (动物园), Martyrs' Park (烈士陵园) & Dongshanhu Park (东山湖公园)

Author: Monica Liu

Video: Steven Yuen

Editor: Simon Haywood

Editor: Monica Liu

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