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Starting from June 1st, it is compulsory for motorcycle and electric bike riders to wear a safety helmet while motorists and passengers in both front and back seats are compelled to wear seat belts, according to China's Ministry of Public Security.

The police will crack down on violators as part of a safety campaign launched by the ministry. Riding motorcycles without a helmet and driving or riding in cars without wearing a seat belt will also be punishable. Electric bike riders are also asked to wear helmets.

A traffic policeman stops a deliveryman who rides an e-bike without wearing a helmet. (Photo: Zhang Guanjun)

According to the road traffic safety law and regulations, motor vehicle drivers including motorcyclists failing to fasten a safety belt will be fined 200 RMB and receive a two-point deduction on their annual 12-point driving record.

Drivers are responsible for informing their passengers to wear seatbelts, otherwise they will face a 200-RMB fine. The passengers are also liable for not wearing seatbelts and will be fined 50 RMB for violation.

The fine for both drivers and passengers failing to wear seatbelts has been elevated from 200 RMB to 500 RMB in Shenzhen according to a new amendment to the city's regulations on road traffic safety last year.

Two traffic policemen check a car on the road. (Photo: Shi Lei) 

In Guangzhou's Panyu, traffic police have set up dozens of checking points to crack down on violators. Penalties for traffic violations by drivers of electric vehicles include not only fines and point deduction but also mandatory educational sessions. Motorcyclists and electric bike riders who do not wear a helmet will be asked to sign a letter of commitment and scan a QR code to get their own copy which can be posted on their WeChat Moments. They will also be disciplined, getting a mandatory educational session for about five minutes.

Accidents involving motorcycles, electric scooters and cars are the leading cause of deaths in traffic mishaps in China, according to a Xinhua report. Craniocerebral injury accounts for about 80 percent of deaths among motorcyclists and electric scooter riders.

A traffic policeman checks if passengers have worn seatbelts on a coach. (Photo: Shi Lei) 


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