“Mingle! mingle! mingle!” “What’s this? It’s a towel!”, foreign teachers used body language, creative games and prize quizzes to teach oral English skills to students in Beiqin Primary School, Huaxin Village, Meizhou.

“Guangzhou Foreign Experts Public Welfare Teaching Activity”, a brand charity activity of Guangzhou, was launched on June 9th. This is the first time this year the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau (Guangzhou Foreign Expert Bureau) has organized this activity. The event is supported by EF Education First.

“They are so energetic, they are so ready to learn, I love that. They want to participate all the activities, they are well-behaved and they are so cute”, Maive Jackson, an EF Education First international teacher shared her feelings of interacting with the students.

Meizhou is situated in the northeastern part of Guangdong Province. Sheltered by the mountains, it became the destination of the Hakka, the Chinese who migrated south from North China in the early 4th and late 9th centuries. It is now one of the main centers of Hakka culture.

“It’s my first time outside of Guangzhou so, seeing the countryside is really beautiful. I come from Ireland which is a very green country seeing a place like this is so familiar to me. It’s amazing to see the way that people live here.” said Kiana Louise Mc Kenna, also an EF teacher.

According to the 13th Five-year Plan, China plans to lift all of its poor out of poverty by the end of this year. Increasing knowledge for the residents in the poverty-stricken areas is regarded as one of the most important measures for poverty alleviation.

Reported by Keane

Video by Steven, Ariel

Photo by Keane, Steven

Edited by Jerry

Editor: 董涵

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