Everybody in the world knows Turkey is a heaven for many things, tourism being in the first place. Under the shadow of the unfortunate pandemic atmosphere, where people will spend their holidays has now become more important than ever.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey has recently initiated a “Safe Tourism Certification Program”, which shall be applicable as of 2020 summer season.The program will ensure that guests visiting Turkey are going to spend their holidays in a safe and hygienic manner and feel comfortable during their stay.

Image provided by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Here are the reasons why tourists should visit Turkey this summer and a brief summary of the safety precautions being taken under “Safe Tourism Certification Program”.

About Safe Tourism Certification Program

Turkey's “Safe Tourism Certification Program” defines and advises an extensive series of measures to be taken with regards to transportation and accommodation of all Turkish citizens and international visitors who will spend their holidays in Turkey, as well as the well-being and health conditions of passengers/guests and of employees working at touristic facilities.

This program will demonstrate that Turkey will take a pioneering role in setting the direction for the normalization of tourism.

How will “Safe Tourism Certification Program” work?

Accreditation institutions that have been authorized to inspect accommodation facilities and food & beverage facilities based on various international standards and criteria to issue “Safe Tourism Certification” will conduct hygiene and health inspections and do compliance assessments. Following those inspections and assessments, the institutions will put their findings in reports and then periodically send inspectors to facilities which have applied to the program to check whether the services are provided according to the criteria.

Image provided by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

How do I know which facility is verified or not?

Facilities which have received the verification will be announced on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

The Safe Tourism Certification logo will also be placed on visible areas inside the verified facility.

There will be QR codes on all logos and through these QR codes, all guests and customers will have access to facility’s inspection data. This way, the whole process will gain transparency.

Turkey has been giving a successful fight against Covid-19 pandemic

Turkey actually determined the road map against Covid-19 exactly 31 days before the World Health Organization declared the disease as a pandemic and 50 days before the first case was seen in Turkey (March, 11).

Turkey’s healthcare system has so far proven to be able to handle the pandemic at a moment when even most developed nations were facing serious difficulties.

Turkey's testing capacities

In Turkey, a PCR test is applied to those showing symptoms and applying to health institutions, as well as to citizens that are found to show symptoms during controls and, in the framework of Filiation activities, to people who have been in close contact with the aforementioned individuals. Turkey has so far performed more than 2 million 450 thousand tests. Daily test capacity is 50 thousand. And if needed, human resources and infrastructure are all available to increase the daily testing capacity.

Image provided by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Turkey's health care system

Turkey has a strong health care system capacity and infrastructure. It is very well prepared in terms of the intensive care bed and mechanic ventilator number used within the context of fight against Covid-19.

Turkey is among the top 5 in health sector in the world with its health infrastructure and quality of tourism potential as a medical tourism destination. In the last 5 years, 1.8 million foreign visitors has come to Turkey for medical treatment.

Turkey offers humanitarian aid during Covid-19 pandemic

Turkey is providing medical aid assistance, which includes products such as masks, protective overall suits and ventilators, to various countries around the world. Turkey was again one of the first countries that gave a helping hand to China.

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