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Painting by Zheng Yutian [Photo/People's Daily Online]

Chinese artists have completed epidemic-themed sketches and digital drawings in an attempt to cheer for the resumption of work and production, hoping for an earlier restoration of normal social life.

The artists including students, civil servants, retirees and professional painters, recorded memorable moments in the battle against the novel coronavirus through sketches, watercolors and digital paintings.

Zeng Jigang, one of these artists, has devoted more time to artistic creation after his retirement from a newspaper office. "It is very important to resume work and return to production after we have made some initial achievements on the battle against the epidemic," Zeng said.

"The work resumption of the enterprises is reflected in the form of paintings, which serves as a way to pay tribute to the heroes of the battle and to practice our responsibilities as artists," Zeng added.

As a freshman of Tianjin University of Commerce, Bi Tianai hopes her paintings could record the most beautiful moments of the heroes fighting against the epidemic on the frontline.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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