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955kxw.com was founded in 2003 and recently unveiled its current updated version. It is sponsored and supervised by the News Office of the Guangdong Provincial Government, and is operated by Guangzhou-based Southcn.com of Nanfang Media Group.


955kxw.com is the premier online source of Guangdong news and information, fully displaying Guangdong through various channels including News, Culture,Living in Guangdong, photos and Videos and so on.


955kxw.com provides viewers with an online experience to browse up-to-the-date news as well as authoritative insight and opinion. For many Guangdong archive and information, we are the ONLY online provider.


After 12 years’ development, the website has grown into an influential online source of Guangdong for expats in and outside. At present, 955kxw.com is expanding its offering to better its coverage on new media, please follow us on Sina Weibo ( @南方英文网), and Wechat (@ newsguangdong). And you’re welcome to share our stories in Facebook and Twitter.

Editor: Olivia

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